Our spy photographers caught this RAM EV prototype out in the wild.

Disguised Fenders and Bumper Anomalies
The first visual clue that something is up with this Ram pickup are the camouflaged driver- and passenger-side fenders. The camo uses graphic wrap, with a vinyl patch covering large portions above the front wheels. It’s likely that the plug-in port is on the driver’s side, but there is also a noticeable protrusion on the passenger-side fender, as well. The EV mule adheres closely to the dimensions of the ICE Ram 1500, but a close look reveals that the front bumper doesn’t align with the wheel arch, and instead extends further forward than a standard production Ram 1500 truck. Whether the jutting front bumper has been moved due to mechanical packaging constraints—or to create a more generous front trunk cargo bay—is currently unknown.

Disguised Side Sills Hide Flat Battery Underbelly
Moving rearward, we see black camouflage panels tacked on below the door sills, extending below the rocker panels. There are clear signs of an EV’s signature flat-bottomed battery tray, with no signs of exhaust routing or drive shafts normally associated with an ICE truck’s undercarriage.

New Rear Suspension
The most telling evidence of this Ram’s EV overhaul is found at the rear, with a clear look under the rear bumper. This mule is equipped with an independent rear suspension (IRS) design with coil springs—a set-up that appears to have been lifted from the Jeep Grand Wagoneer. The Ram EV pickup’s adoption of an IRS design makes sense: Every currently-available EV truck (the Rivian R1T, F-150 Lightning, Hummer EV, and coming Silverado and Sierra EVs) all have independent rear suspension designs.

No Exhaust, and Silent Operation
We heard nothing but tire noise as the Ram EV Pickup was within earshot, and there is no sign of an exhaust on this mule. Further signs of electrification are found on our rear view of the truck’s undercarriage, in the guise of the heavy orange high-voltage cabling visible feeding into what appears to be the rear EV motor between the rear control arms.

New Wheel Design
This Ram EV Pickup Mule was wearing a unique wheel design, not found anywhere on the Ram 1500’s configurator.
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