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Next-Gen Electric Chrysler SUV Will No Longer Be Airflow in Name or Design

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Chrysler is going to be making some big changes to the Aiflow. They're going to be changing the name and design of the car.

Airflow Goes More Modern In Design
The production crossover has some of the Airflow's features and aesthetics but has a more modern and tech-forward design inside and out, Feuell says. It will have a lot of STLA technology. It will be offered with both 400- and 800-volt systems for fast charging. Customers can choose between a standard and long-range version, with a range of up to 400 miles.

The Chrysler brand wants to be on the forefront of advanced tech and will be a first adopter of new technologies in its vehicles when the timing lines up. That could include Level 3 autonomous driving capability. The brand aims for what it calls "harmony in motion" with sustainable materials and seamless technology to improve communication, mobility management, and help the owner be more productive in daily life. Systems must be accessible, activated with a touch or two, and easy to use. It must all be obtainable at an affordable price, Feuell says.

Airflow Is Not The Name
The Airflow name is for the concept only. "There is a group of people who love the Airflow name and just as many who beg us not to use it," Feuell says. The brand has been working with naming consultants and the brand chief is excited about the short list of names, a combination of legacy and new names. The likelihood of new names is higher as the brand works to reposition itself. "We are definitely not going down the alphanumeric path," she assures us.

It won't be called 300, Feuell says. "I don't think it's quite right for this product. It could be a great name for something that we bring out in the future. There is so much wonderful history and equity with the name so I wouldn't want to rule it out for potential future use, but not for this one."

Dealers Need Reassurance
The new look won't be revealed to the public until next year, but the production-intended vehicle was shown to dealers who need to know there is an exciting new vehicle coming to keep up their excitement and reassure them that the company is investing in the Chrysler brand during next year's barren landscape with a single model to offer. When the Chrysler 300 fullsize sedan ends production at the end of the year, the Pacifica minivan will be the only model in the lineup and must carry the weight of the brand's existence for more than a year until the new electric SUV is introduced in 2025.
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