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Why having to wait may not be a bad thing...

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The Ram REV is still quite a ways out which might not be an awful thing.

Between new innovations with solid state battery technology allowing for faster charge times and better range, etc. I'm ok with a little bit of a wait. The specs in 2 years are likely to be way better than anything put out today.

How we charge may be different by then as well.

While we had the charging Roomba that debuted with the REV concept, wireless charging would be even more convenient. You'd never have to worry about plugging in at home or tripping over the Roomba taking up a big footprint in your garage.

While I'm as anxious as everyone else, the wait may be worth it.
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Wireless charging would be nice, but honestly we have two EVs now and it's not a big deal to plug them in. What you DO want is to be able to tell them WHEN to charge so they both don't dive for the electrons at the same time...lights get kinda dim when you do that...then the Tesla throttles back it's charging rate (the other car doesn't know to do that)...

I'm sure when more people have more than one EV in their garages they'll figure all that out. For now it's just great to have something that works reliably at home!
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